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How're you doing this is Matt with MJ cable diamond buyers here in upstate New York I wanted to make a video today to cover two things diamond appraisals and certified diamonds or certain diamonds and what the difference is between the two we get lots of people that call where the diamond for sale and say that their diamond is certified when in fact it's not it's actually just appraised by an appraiser so a diamond appraisal it can be done by either a gemologist whether it be a graduate GG a Jian a gemologist or other lab gemologist or it can also be done just by a certified appraiser by other labs GI a and just independent certified appraisers now an appraisal on a diamond is really only for insurance purposes so it is an exaggerated price or inflated price of the actual true value of that piece to cover it in a situation of it being lost stolen or damaged so if you spent $6,000 on your diamond set and an insurance company praises that 8 that's common that's not necessarily the true value didn't get a smoking deal at the jewelry store when you bought your six thousand dollar diamond and then the appraised appraisal comes back at eight thousand okay its inflated for a reason because of obviously inflation down the road in the future it needs to cover the cost of that good are those goods in case of lost damaged or stolen okay so an appraisal is great to have when you're selling your diamond because it usually lists the characteristics of the diamond but it's not 100% accurate an appraisal is close but it's not 100% accurate so I've got an important piece piece of paper to have good information to have when you're trying to sell your diamond but in no way shape or form does that reflect the true value of your diamond pieces okay so keep that in mind when you go to sell your diamond just because it's appraised at 8,000 doesn't mean you're going to get $8,000 for it now a certified diamond similar to an appraisal but doesn't have a price associated with it a certified diamond is just for the characteristics of the diamond lots of labs out there do it we we see all different types of labs some do associate a price but UGI is an example they do not associate a price with the diamond they're only there to certify that diamond laser inscribe it with a certification number and list out the characteristics of that diamond dia is probably the only lab that our company trusts fully because GI a are the ones who created those standards to certified diamonds and then all the other companies kind of mimicked or changed them so if you've got a certified diamond it's a little bit easier to sell an industry certified diamond is actually people rather buy a certified diamond for buyers like us who buy it from the public it's a lot easier because it does a lot of the work for us we can look at the piece of paper or the certification and determine exactly what the diamond is so diamond appraisal is there for insurance purposes and to cover the diamond for lost...